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Brighton is full of leasehold properties, and it is important that if you own one of these properties, you ensure your lease is always extended to a reasonable length. This secures you the property throughout your lifetime and means that when you sell your property, it is more likely to get its full asking price. Extending a lease can be complicated, especially if you’ve never done it before, which is why South East Leasehold are here to help you extend your lease to boost the value of your Brighton home.

Many leasehold properties are flats or apartments, where a landlord owns the building as a whole and individual flats are sold to different people. While this means you will own the flat, the landlord will still be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the building as a whole, and this is part of the fee you will pay to extend your lease. However, some housing estates may also be part of a leasehold, and you will pay for the maintenance of communal areas and anything else effecting the estate as a whole.

A lease extension is essentially a payment from you to the owner of the building (or the estate) to enable you to carry on living in the part of their building you own whilst paying your way for any issues affecting their building. Effectively, this is a way to pay for the fact you have bought a part of the building that the landlord can no longer use, and the best way to secure your property for life is to extend the lease.

Brighton is a relatively crowded city, and leasehold properties and flats can be found in every part of the city, whether this is in the centre of town, the seafront, the inner city or the suburbs. There are around 275,000 people living in the city of Brighton and Hove, and many of these people will live in a leasehold property. We have helped many Brighton customers navigate the lease extension process in the past, all of whom have been delighted with the high quality service we offer.

Lease extensions in Brighton

Extending your lease doesn’t just offer you the peace of mind that your property will remain under your control for the foreseeable future. It also means that when you sell, buyers will be more inclined to offer more money, as they will know they don’t have to extend the lease themselves, which can mean thousands of pounds more money for you.

If you live in Brighton and would like some help extending your lease, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

If you are looking to extend your lease you will either need to reach a private agreement with the freeholder or serve the freeholder with a Section 42 Notice who will have 2 months to respond with a Section 45 Notice.

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