What will South East Leasehold do?

South East Leasehold are professional valuers and we will carry out a valuation of the premium to be paid for the purchase as required by legislation. This will take the form of an initial appraisal or full valuation report depending on your requirements.

The figure we can provide comes from our experience of acting on behalf of leaseholders under the 1993 Act. It also comes from cases that have been brought before the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.

We will also advise as to the procedures for applying for the purchase under the Leasehold Reform Act and carry out all negotiations throughout this procedure.

In our experience there are four possible principal stages in advising clients.

  1. Initial Appraisal in cases where clients need to decide whether or not it is worth proceeding further.
  2. Full Report and Valuation which would be in two parts and includes No. 1 above. The first is advice as to the parameters of total costs and procedures and other matters for the benefit of lessees and their advisers only. The second being the detailed argued case for the figure we recommend be put in the notice and which would eventually form the basis of any experts report.
  3. Negotiations with the freeholder or freeholder’s representatives in the hope of establishing a negotiated settlement and any further advice required in respect to the initial or counter notices.
  4. Reference to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal which will include the preparation of an Expert’s Report providing counter submissions after exchange of Experts Reports and attendance at the Tribunal.
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