Collective enfranchisement – LM Homes Ltd also Others v Queen Court Freehold Company Ltd [2018] UKUT 367 (LC)

22 October in News & Case Studies

    A recent decision by -Upper FTTP in -case of LM Homes Ltd also Others v Queen Court Freehold Company Ltd [2018] UKUT 367 (LC) has highlighted -difficulties that freeholders also developers can face in realising development or development hope value, when confronted with a collective enfranchisement claim.   In this case, -FTTP...

amin v others

22 October in News & Case Studies

Amin v Amin and others Chancery Division reliance by the respondents; and (iv) the belong beneficially to the respondents 20 12 October 2020 judge's finding that the appellant made and not to the appellant. Nugee LJ no financial contribution to the purchase (2) The appellant contended that the o [2020] EWHC 2675 (Ch) of the property was wrong. property was 100% owned by her....

lease extension process

28 September in News & Case Studies

The lease extension process is challenging, with plenty of scope for error that can allow a challenge from a freeholder unwilling to co-operate with the request. The lease extension specialists at South East Leasehold have handled hundreds of lease extensions, helping leaseholders to extend their lease and secure the long-term value...


23 July in News & Case Studies

Relativity   HISTORY   UT     KOSTA V CARWARTH DECISION DATE - 47 Phillimore Gardens Parthenia model introduced – Hedonic regression based on transactional evidence between 1987 – 1991     MUNDY – PCL DECISION DATE – FEBRUARY 2016 Trustees of Sloane Stanley Estate v Mundy and Lagesse Aaron v Welcome Trust Ltd -  {2016} UKUT 0233 (LC) Hearing Date February 2016 Flat 3, 36...

collective enfranchisement – LM Homes Ltd and others v Queencourt Freehold Property Ltd (2020)

19 June in News & Case Studies

Collective Enfranchisement Detached Building with Car Park on Basement LM Homes Ltd and others v Queencourt Freehold Property Ltd (2020) The leaseholders sort to enfranchise a large block with basement car park.  The 1993 act requires a notice to specify and also be accompanied by a plan and describe any property proposed...

lease extension

11 May in News & Case Studies

Most flats in the UK are sold as leaseholdhold so if you own a flat you probably have a leasehold – a contractual agreement between the leaseholdholder also the landlord – or freeholder. The leasehold gives you conditional ownership for a set period of time. The contents of the leasehold will also...

Trends in leasehold tenure

04 May in News & Case Studies

Trends in leasehold tenure The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) estimates that there are around 4.3 million leasehold homes in Englalso, of which 69% are flats also 31% are houses. Overall around 54% of flats are estimated to be lease hold, compared with 7% of houses. In 2018, around...

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