The English Leasehold System: A Comprehensive Overview

11 March in News & Case Studies

The English Leasehold System: A Comprehensive Overview Introduction: The English leasehold system has long been a cornerstone of property ownership in the United Kingdom, particularly in densely populated urban areas. This system, characterized by the division of property ownership into freehold and leasehold interests, has profound implications for millions of homeowners and...

Understanding Collective Enfranchisement: Empowering Communities Through Property Ownership

20 February in News & Case Studies

Introduction: Collective enfranchisement is a legal process that empowers leaseholders to collectively purchase the freehold of their building or estate. It serves as a mechanism for individuals within a community to take control of their property destiny, offering them greater autonomy and stability in their living arrangements. This essay explores the...

Ground rent

01 February in News & Case Studies

Ground rent is a concept deeply embedded in the real estate landscape, shaping the dynamics of property ownership and management. At its core, ground rent is a recurring payment made by the leaseholder to the freeholder for the use of the land on which a property is built. This arrangement...

Leaseholders Help from Government

10 January in News & Case Studies

Housing Minister; Michael Gove did a series of news interviews this morning, announcing more help for leaseholders affected by the cladding crisis AND the wider fire safety issues. Companies “have until March” to shoulder their responsibilities for medium rise buildings, between 11 and 18 metres tall. He also announce additional...

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